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Copenhagen Open Registration page

Copenhagen Longsword Open 2015 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark the 18th of April.

Longsword mixed pools begin at 10.00, womens around 15.00.

Rapier and Dagger mixed pools will begin Sunday 19th of April, we estimate we start around 11.00. Rapier and dagger is BYOS (Bring your own sword)

Event chedule and rules are in progress.

Below you can register for Copenhagen Open longsword, womens longsword and rapier and dagger. You can only be in one of the longsword tournaments. Please note that we cap at 64 competitors, in total mixed+womens, for Longsword and 20 for Rapier and Dagger. Registration is not complete until we have received payment, which should be send within a week of registration. Registration will close Monday the 16th of March. After you register you will receive a mail with payment information, unless the event is full. We have a fist come first serve principle however in case we do not receive payment, next in queue will be registered.

Longsword Open and womens Longsword

Early bird fee for longsword is 550 DKK, and runs though February, that is we need the payment before February ends. After February the fee will be increased to 650 DKK.

Rapier and Dagger

Rapier and dagger early bird fee is 450 DKK, after February it will be 550 DKK. This is a mixed division of both men and women.